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Border communities were the most significant contribution to building the Jewish State of Israel, by physically marking its borders.
During the early years of the State of Israel, driven and idealistic young adults dedicated themselves to live and prosper in remote, at times unsafe regions, to protect Israel’s borders and farm its lands.
Their mission was critical; to combine military service and farming work. In many ways, they were the culmination of Zionism.

Seventy years later, the ‘Hityashvut’ movement faces challenges brought on by progress and resulting in the dire need to adapt to modernity by these communities. Some succeed greatly, yet, some are slowly withering away.

These communities are Kedma’s main focus.
The result of Kedma’s focus and activities is empowering the remote communities, or in other words: “Strengthening Israel’s Borders”.

Yearly increase in join rate

Acres of agricultural land receive support from Kedma volunteers

Kedma alumni choose to remain in frontier regions

Cumulative population growth in Kedma communities since 2014

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