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About Kedma

Kedma is an Israeli Amutah dedicated to empowering the people who live in Israel’s remote border peripheries by helping to grow and support the communities that exist along its frontiers. We introduce and maintain specially tailored programs that channel the energies of idealistic and driven university students, helping to revive the beset Jewish communities in these remote areas. Through volunteer work in education, welfare, agriculture, community building and more, the Kedma is supporting these vital frontier regions and enabling young Israelis to fulfill their dreams and ambitions; all while connecting them to daily lives in Israel’s most underserved regions.

What We Bring To The Table

The Natural Experience

Our volunteers live in Israel's natural wildlands, waking up every morning to an unspoiled sunrise, setting out to explore each day in a picturebook landscape.

Innovating Creativity

Our programs allow each volunteer to fulfill their dreams and ambitions, starting up new innovations and seeing them grow to impact the entire community.

Providing Quality Education

The students participating in the Kedma's programs are eligible for discounted accommodation close to leading academic institutes, as well as and a scholarship of NIS 10,000 (~$3,000).

Yearly increase in join rate

Acres of agricultural land receive support from Kedma volunteers

Kedma alumni choose to remain in frontier regions

Cumulative population growth in Kedma communities since 2014

ההרשמה בעיצומה!

לקביעת פגישת היכרות וראיון השאירו פרטים ונחזור בהקדם -או- דברו איתנו

ההרשמה בעיצומה!

לקביעת פגישת היכרות וראיון השאירו פרטים
ונחזור בהקדם