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Adam VeHava

This program brings together young adults for a weekend of volunteering on rural farms located throughout Israel. Its main purpose is to strengthen new ranches located on the Land of Israel and to encourage more young adults to participate in rural ‘Practical Zionism’ activities.
The first Adam veHava program took place during the weekend of 11-12 June at Keidar Sheep and Goatsa ranch –
located north of the Dead Sea. Keidar Ranch was established by a young Israeli patriotic couple who live there with their three children. They need to protect 24/7 the hundred sheep and goat herd they — our support is crucial to their success. Kedma’s monthly weekend program allows the family to enjoy a weekend with less work and guardian stress burden.
Kedma participants have come thus far from all over Israel, from the High-Tech industry, from the Haredic world, from Tel Aviv, from Kibbutzi, and more.
So far, the Adam veHava program appears very promising and we look forward to making many more successful rural volunteering weekends. Our strategic plan is to create 10 groups of 20 members each, to permanently support 10 ranches all over Israel..
This program activity of volunteering on rural farms is Kedma’s share of the day-to-day struggle – faced by the Jewish population – on the territories of The Land of Israel.

Students who live in Kedma’s Student Villages, as well as Gap Year members, volunteer on a number of other rural farms on the Land of Israel. During the past year, they supported the following farms:
– Itamar farm in Mechora,
– A farm in Hamara,
– Rapaport Farm – close to Ariel,
– Keidar Sheep and Goats farm near Maale Adumim,
– Omer Atidya’s farm – in Rimonim, and
– Man farm near P’ney Kedem.

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