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An agricultural community in the heart of the Jordan Valley

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Addict is an agricultural moshav located in the heart of the Jordan Valley, 30 minutes from Ariel University. There are 30 male and female students, religious and secular. Moshav Mekorah was founded in 1973 and currently has about 160 residents, the moshav has a relaxed pace of life, a pool for free use, a diverse population ranging from young people to the founding adults of the moshav. Overlooks the valley of Nahal Tirza to the north, and is accessible from the northern part of Alon Road. The students in the village study at the Ariel University and the Open University, they established the village barbecue pub and today it is open once every two weeks and hosts workshops and cultural events for the whole area. Students also lead addictive social projects in and around local communities in the areas of education, welfare and community.

About an Addict

Mekora is a cooperative moshav in the Upper Jordan Valley that belongs to the Organization of Agricultural Union Localities and the Jordan Valley Regional Council. In mid-1972, it was decided to locate the Nahal outpost in the Karira area, which was given the name Koor;

Educational institutions near the village:

It pays to live with us

A young and vibrant community

Social action

Excellent location

Discounted accommodation


Magical view

Social action

Each student leads a social project in localities in the area, after an in-depth examination of the regional needs and building an action plan together with the relevant environmental factors. The activity in a variety of areas of activity: welfare, community, culture, agriculture, and more and allows you to realize your creativity and significantly influence society and settlement.

A young and kicking community

The fun in a student village is the family atmosphere. A student in the village enjoys a social life that can not be found anywhere else: spontaneous sunrise trips, cool jams, bonfires, a community pub, communal meals and especially a cohesive group that will always be there for you ...

Discounted accommodation

Students participating in the program are entitled to discounted accommodation in a magical landscape, a scholarship of 10,000 NIS, and ... a wonderful quality of life.

There is room for everyone

The program is suitable for male and female students, married and single, studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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