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Kibbutz Misgav Am

Kibbutz Misgav Am

Upper Galilee Regional Council

View of Mount Hermon ten minutes from the valley

Misgav Am is a community kibbutz located in the Upper Galilee, overlooking the spectacular views of the Hula Valley, the Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, Syria and Lebanon and is located 10 minutes from Tel Hai College. Today the kibbutz was established in 1945 and has about 300 members and residents, the population is diverse - young people, singles, families and adults. The student village, which has about 30 male and female students, religious and secular, who live together and are an integral part of the kibbutz community, work together in the kibbutz plantations, initiate projects for the community and establish events in the kibbutz inn pub for young people in the area.

Educational institutions near the village:

Social Entrepreneurship

Each student leads a social project in the community. The project is initiated and designed together with one of the Kibbutz's residents, after an in-depth evaluation of the local needs and is specifically tailored to channel the energies of these idealistic and driven young adults to strengthen and empower the local community.

A young and kicking community

The real and most significant fun in a student village is the family atmosphere. A student in the village enjoys a social life that can not be found anywhere else: spontaneous sunrise trips, cool jams, bonfires, a community pub, communal meals and especially a cohesive group that will always be there for you ...

Discounted accommodation

Students participating in the program are entitled to discounted accommodation in a magical landscape, a scholarship of 10,000 NIS, and ... a wonderful quality of life.

There is room for everyone

The program is suitable for male and female students, married and single, studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

About Kibbutz Misgav Am

Misgav Am is a kibbutz in the northern part of the Galilee, near Metula, Kiryat Shmona and the Israel-Lebanon border, which belongs to the Upper Galilee Regional Council. Misgav Am is located at the northern end of the Ramim ridge in the Naftali Mountains. The settlement was established on November 2, 1945, and underwent processes of change and privatization at the end of 1997. Despite the change and the transfer of the weight of weight to the family unit, the community maintains the common kibbutz framework. In 2006, a community neighborhood was inaugurated located at the entrance to the kibbutz. Its residents take an active part in the life of the community.

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