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Rimonim community

Studying in Jerusalem?

Rimonim is a community in the Binyamin Council, located about 25 minutes drive from Jerusalem, the Hebrew University, Bezalel and David Yellin College and about 25 minutes from Ariel. The student village was established two years ago and is home to 25 male and female students, who wake up every morning to a view overlooking the Jordan Valley and the desert on the one hand, and Jerusalem on the other. In the afternoon and evening, they maintain social activities related to education and welfare for the locals, in addition to the 'Laundromat' pub, which is designed to promote young people's culture in the locality.

Educational institutions near the village:

Social action

Each student leads a social project in the community. The project is initiated and designed together with one of the Kibbutz's residents, after an in-depth evaluation of the local needs and is specifically tailored to channel the energies of these idealistic and driven young adults to strengthen and empower the local community.

A young and kicking community

The fun in a student village is the family atmosphere. A student in the village enjoys a social life that can not be found anywhere else: spontaneous sunrise trips, cool jams, bonfires, a community pub, communal meals and especially a cohesive group that will always be there for you ...

Discounted accommodation

Students participating in the program are entitled to discounted accommodation in a magical landscape, a scholarship of 10,000 NIS, and ... a wonderful quality of life.

There is room for everyone

The program is suitable for male and female students, married and single, studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

About locating grenades

Rimonim (Rimonim) is a community in the area of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, about 25 kilometers from Jerusalem. The settlement is located on a hill east of the Alon Road that passes over the Jordan Valley. From the hill there is a view of Jerusalem on the one hand, and the Dead Sea on the other. In the area of the settlement on the east side is an antiquities site from the Byzantine period; The locality belongs to the agricultural union movement.

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