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Kedma's Mission and Values

Kedma's Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen Israel, as a state and society, by thickening the human capital in Israel's Border communities. In Kedma we believe that leadership development and community building are essential to each other and to the fortification of Israel. Entrepreneurship is the adhesive that binds them together to create robust communities.

Building Communities

Building permeant and prosperous communities has always been one of the foundational tenets of Zionism. Since the first wave of pioneers came to Israel in the early 20th century to this very day, ensuring the wellbeing of Israeli communities is the most effective way to cement the continued existence of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. In the words of Israeli Founding Father Yigal Alon: "I see building communities in Israel as the most effective way to ensure the safety of Israel. Nurturing life across our borders is an old and well used tool, but one which has never lost its edge."

Connecting With The Land

The instantaneous connection that is formed when a person works the land they live on is what Kedma seeks to nurture. We always strive to allow our volunteers to interact directly with the life inherent in the soil of the Israeli frontiers through through agricultural work and environmental protection.

Nurturing Connections

We know that keeping a community alive isn't a one-and-done deal: making sure they enjoy a prosperous and fruitful life is an everyday effort. Through our support frameworks, the communities of Israel's frontiers are able to reap the fruits of that effort, The connections forged between our volunteers and the longtime residents are signifiers of partnership and mutual responsibility, and a signifier of new life flooding in to these long forgotten areas.

Social Entrepreneurship

When a young Israeli chooses to live in Israel's frontiers, they know they're going to have to be an entrepreneurial leader. They must identify their and their environment's needs and build creative responses. Social entrepreneurship is a muscle we seek to develop through our various programs, which truly change the way a person views their surroundings: spotting new opportunities for growth where others might miss them.

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