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Kibbutz Sufa

Studying at the Hebrew University? Studying in Jerusalem

Level settlement, near Be'er Sheva Show on map

Registration is taking place: 6 seats left

Studying at the Hebrew University? Studying in Jerusalem?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. The Rimonim student village is located on a high mountain that is a spectacular vantage point over the Dead Sea on one side and Jerusalem on the other. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a group of young students leading a variety of influential social enterprises in the Jordan Valley! (20 minutes from the Hebrew University) In addition, you will enjoy discounted accommodation close to nature, a scholarship (10,000 NIS) and a fun family atmosphere that is unparalleled anywhere! Interested? Register now or talk to Shemaiah 0528699002. Lorem Ipsum Emet Dolor.

About locating grenades

Rimonim is a magical settlement of a secular nature, 20 minutes from Jerusalem, and about 170 families live there. Instead of public transportation Lorem Ipsum a few words about the locality.

Educational institutions near the village:

It pays to live with us

A young and vibrant community

Social action

Excellent location

Discounted accommodation


Magical view

Social action

Each student leads a social project in localities in the area, after an in-depth examination of the regional needs and building an action plan together with the relevant environmental factors. The activity in a variety of areas of activity: welfare, community, culture, agriculture, and more and allows you to realize your creativity and significantly influence society and settlement.

A community of young people

The fun in a student village is the family atmosphere. A student in the village enjoys a social life that can not be found anywhere else: spontaneous sunrise trips, cool jams, bonfires, a community pub, communal meals and especially a cohesive group that will always be there for you ...

Discounted accommodation

Students participating in the program are entitled to discounted accommodation in a magical landscape, a scholarship of 10,000 NIS, and ... a wonderful quality of life.

For everyone

The program is suitable for male and female students, married and single, studying for a bachelor's or master's degree, for students studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassah College, David Yellin College, the Open University, and more and more ...

we will be happy to be at your service
  • Address: 8 Hashalkat St., Jerusalem
  • Phone:03-687312
  • Fax: 03-687816
  • Email: loremoffice@gmail.com
  • Opening Hours:Sun-Thu 9: 00-18: 00

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    Alfon Student Village Pomegranates
    Eli Israeli
    Village manager
    Oranit Levy
    Osnat Bat Ilan
    Rachel Giora
    Registration coordinator
    Tal Cohen
    Guy Almog
    Event Manager

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    Kibbutz Sufa The western Negev
    מספר משפחות: 200
    Registration is taking place: 6 seats left

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